The Meaning of "Akitsiraq"

Akitsiraq or Akitsiraqvik - A sacred place outside of Cape Dorset, a place of power whose location is protected.
It is marked by massive upright stones, some weighing up to a ton, standing on end and arranged in a near perfect circle. The highest stone measures 7' 6.5" high and faces an opposite stone 5' 6" high.

Said to be the place where the powerful 'Great Council' met and exercised justice prior to the arrival of the Qallunaat (Caucasian people). This powerful place remains a visible artifact on the landscape.

The naming of Akitsiraq Law School
[Akitsiraq means to strike out disharmony and wrong-doing, to render strong justice.]

It is in honour of this sacred place and in remembrance of such places of power hidden within the Inuit landscape and culture, that the law school in Iqaluit, Nunavut is named Akitsiraq Law School.
Our hope is such that in educating lawyers in the Inuit way, the new generation of the profession will hold the tools of both worlds.  may they change the future and and work the ground once again to re-define 'places of power'.